Free Minecraft Gift Codes

This website is the no. 1 place to go for high quality Rewards, including Minecraft Gift Codes.

There are numerous websites out there which are misleading, confusing, unreliable, illegal, or fake. This guide will show you how to get your Gift Code legitimately, and for free! It won't require any credit cards or mobile numbers.

Today you will discover how to Earn free Minecraft legally, easily, and effortlessly. I highly recommend you take a few minutes of your time to read my guide below, Thank You.

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Let's Get Started!

First of all you will need to register to the website below.

It is highly recommended you use correct information when signing up as you should receive a confirmation e-mail. Once you've received your confirmation e-mail, click the link and sign in. You should now be directed to the Rewards1 Homepage. Feel free to explore the website, there's multiple different ways to earn, redeem, and become involved with the community.

Let's Get Earning!

To begin earning your points towards your Free Minecraft Gift Code navigate your way to Earn→Offers/Coin Offers.

Here is an example of a good offer. Once you've completed the offer correctly and reached all the requirements you will be awarded your points.

There is a large variety of high quality offers which vary in value. Some can be simple video offers for 5 points, or registration offers for 50. Surveys are usually around 70 Points and so are downloads. The more you earn, the higher your bonus! You have nothing to lose, it's safe, free and easy, what more could you want?!

Now you're asking yourself, How does this work? Simple. The sponsors provide Rewards1 with offers such as these, looking for website traffic, downloads, feedback, and more. You complete the offer, then the sponsor pays Rewards1, who then gives you the money in form of points. Because of how it is run, Rewards1 are able to give contests, bonuses, referral bonuses, and discounts.

There are a multiple ways to earn points other than offers.

Tasks, which require you to search, and do small objectives for small points, but may be completed multiple times.

Surveys, which require you to fill and complete a questionnaire regarding different topics. These pay a large amount for an easy job.

Referrals, asks your friends and other people to join up under your unique referral link to earn 30% (Or higher) of the total of their earnings income on Rewards1.

Here are some tips for you when completing offers, these will help them credit quickly and reliably:
  • Use a legitimate email and confirm all confirmation emails. You can create a separate one for offers.
  • Use correct information so your offers won't be reversed.
  • Make sure when doing download offers to select any additional "exclusive" offers. You can use to help protect you.
  • Take your time to read the small print, anything you're not comfortable with, don't do!
  • Use an up-to date browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • Clear your cookies every now and then.
  • Leave the completion pages open for a few moments.
  • Visit the Rewards1 forum for any further questions or concerns with offers.

Keep in mind, this is NOT a get rich quick success story, instead this is a good way to get giftcards, game codes, and small amounts of paypal. A nice little bonus to your life with little effort.

Let's Redeem Minecraft!

This is the final step, your last step in the journey to gain your Minecraft gift codes.
Once you've have enough points go to Redeem→Game Codes, find Minecraft and click Request.

There are many other rewards apart from Minecraft, including: iTunes Giftcode, Amazon Giftcards, Paypal, Microsoft Points, PSN codes, Ultimate Game Cards, and much more various prizes.

Rewards take on average between 0-3 days once requested.

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